• The Graffiti Life Gallery | Berlin 2014

    The Graffiti Life Gallery | Berlin 2014

  • Welcome to The Graffiti Life Gallery

    Welcome to The Graffiti Life Gallery

  • Star Wars and Stuff

    Star Wars and Stuff


The Graffiti Life Gallery is a contemporary artist-run gallery located in heart of the London urban art scene, Shoreditch.

Set up by Graffiti Life, a collective of graffiti artists and creatives; the gallery serves to support and represent the best of the British and International street art scenes, displaying work from exceptional individuals with backgrounds in graffiti and street art.

Located on Cheshire Street, the gallery offers diverse monthly shows that are open to the public Weekdays from 12 – 4, Sundays from 11 – 4 and by appointment at all other times.


SUPERHEROES Flyer Graffiti Art For Sale

SAIL – Street Art In London Presents – ‘Superheroes’
04/04/14 – 27/04/14

Five questions with Vents

We caught up with good friend and mega talent Ventsa just as he was finishing off a building wrap for Converse on Great Eastern St.

As an artist who regularly travels and yet manages to maintain a solid output of work we wanted to pick his brains on a few things, while we had the chance.

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The Graffiti Life Gallery | Berlin

Berlin is a massively energetic city and one that has a very active graffiti and indeed art scene. We were delighted to represent Great Britain last month by exhibiting works from some of the finest talents we have the pleasure of working with. Supported by…

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An interview with Relay

Following the success of the ID Crew show back in January, we caught up with Relay to find out a little more about his works, thoughts and future plans. Featuring additional words from PREF ID.   Graffiti has become more accessible than ever. On the…

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Artist Spaces | Dirty Thirty

To kickstart the gallery blog we are excited to be delving into artists’ studios and work spaces; looking at the often unseen, sacred training grounds where artists can freely experiment and fine-tune their craft in creative incubation. Working with such a variety of artists whos…

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SAIL | Street Art In London presents ‘Superheroes’

With great superheroes, comes great fan art and in celebration of these super beings we’ve all grown to love, both in print and on the big screen, we will be paying homage to some of our favourite characters by dedicating this SAIL exhibition to them!…

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